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Deal Facilitation Service

Completing investment solutions with deals

Return on any investment is an outcome of its performance and costs. 

Over the past years we have been observing a strong shift of attention of end-clients to improving their operational efficiency. It deals predominantly with the fact that quality of trade execution on over-the-counter markets has deteriorated substantially following the heightened regulatory and risk-aversion concerns of the largest market makers worldwide. Both clients and service providers realize that the current price tags need to be reviewed and downscaled. The high cost-awareness of investors makes their on-going search for alternative sources of liquidity and better terms for deal execution a challenge to brokers, and a great opportunity for us.

While our management and advisory roles aim at reaching superior performance of investments, we also support entry and exit from them to complete their lifecycle. 

Delivering Best Prices

Pricing and trading in some fixed income instruments can be tricky, as their liquidity might be scarce. 
To ensure the best execution terms our in-house trade facilitation takes advantage of hundreds of our business relations internationally, and the competent personnel.

Service highlights

The scope of the deal facilitation service includes both structuring (if applicable) and pricing.  
The service is available for the following key markets (non-exhaustive):
Fixed income instruments Eurobonds, LPNs, CLNs, secondary markets
Facilitation of investments in the above on primary markets
Loan participations
Equities OTC-traded
Derivatives Structured products
Geography Any

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