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Investment Management

Schildershoven offers conventional investment management service to both institutional and private Professional Investors (as defined by MiFID).

This service and all corresponding products based on it requires discretionary mandate.
A discretionary mandate provides the manager with a decision-making power in regard to the investments.

Investment management is offered either via purchase of the available asset management products , or as custom-made solutions based on individually defined criteria.

General Description

Base Currency Normally, US Dollar
Instrument Focus International Fixed Income
Available Strategies Absolute Return
- Global Corporate HY (inclusive of emerging markets). Event-Driven
- Global Fixed Income Opportunities
- Customized regional or sectoral
Type of Mandate Discretionary, AIFMD ruling applies
Available Formats Management of portolios in the form of:
- Funds
- Index-Linked certificates
- Managed accounts
under individual management agreements
Minimum Investments $ 150,000
Fees Management and success-based


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