Market Watch Bulletin

Market Watch Bulletin

Financial industry has been undergoing dramatic changes. The supra-national and local regulations have been consistently scrutinizing the rules of rendering financial services and the relationships between the market participants, but tend to change the very nature of the financial markets. Addressing this, we shall regularly inform you of important changes taking place in legislation, rulings and recommendations by self-regulated professional organizations, about latest norms and practices in compliance, settlements and risk management.

We hope that this information shall be useful both for your daily work as well as for your strategic planning.

The Market Reform Watch - MiFID II Delay (en) Feb 01 2016 (download, .PDF, ~210KB)

The Market Reform Watch (en) Sep 25 2013 (download, .PDF, ~550KB)

The Market Reform Watch (en) Sep 20 2013 (download, .PDF, ~750KB)

The Market Reform Watch (en) Jul 22 2013 (download, .PDF, ~750KB)