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Schildershoven Finance B.V. (“SFBV” or “The Company”) has operated since 1993 in arbitraging in High Yield and Emerging Markets Eurobonds on international capital markets.

In any particular trading relationship, The Company is classified as a “professional” and “eligible” Client under the MiFID, and it always acts in its own name and for its own account and risk. SFBV only deals with professional clients or eligible counterparties (MiFID definition) and they are 53% European and 47% non-European (North America, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, CIS and Russia).

As Schildershoven Finance BV does not have DEA (Direct Electronic Access) proprietary trading is exempted from a license under MiFID II.

Nevertheless SF BV (FRN: 597816) is an appointed representative of RGL Capital LLP (FRN: 501656) - FCA regulated company – Register Link

SF BV is following the implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and a Financial Counterparty with Legal Entity Identifier (LEI code 2549000CMOE4SRPHZD78)