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Welcome To The World of Global High Yield and Emerging Fixed Income Markets

Achieving your investment goal takes a combination of efficient sourcing of information, its diligent analysis, proper risk attribution and, of course, impeccable facilitation of trades. We give added value to our clients by identifying investment opportunities and taking care of all jobs that will lead those investments to their successful finish.

In an environment characterized by low interest rates and a fragile global economy, investors’ quests for uncorrelated returns have become more challenging than ever before.

In the wake of global volatility, we believe that pockets of value still exist at the corporate level, where the risk factors are often much more accountable and transparency is higher. In addition to the macro events that influence an issuer’s credibility directly, its ultimate vitality is heavily dependent on its core business. Our on-going analysis and forecasting of changes in the creditworthiness of public debt issuers, plus consequential changes in their perception by the market, help us find special situations where an opportunity exists to witness a sudden appreciation of the market value of certain bonds. While macro-economic scenarios, interest rate forecasts, and current market conditions are factored into the investment decisions, bottom-up credit analysis makes up the main part of our job.

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